Monday, April 11, 2016 presents: GeoDevEvening webmapping and OpenLayers 3

Next monday, will be organising their first GeoDevEvening. The theme will be webmapping and especially Openlayers 3. There will be two speakers, Pierre Marchand of Atelier Cartographique wil give an overview of Webmapping tools. Later we will take a deeper dive with Thomas Gratier, one of the authors of the OpenLayers 3 Beginners guide.

OpenLayers 3 is a JavaScript based library for web mapping, published under BSD license. It groups a set of functionalities to create both lightweight web mapping applications and more heavy web mapping applications for advanced usages. It enables display of geographic features (markers, lines, polygons) with custom styles, most of the time with background maps services from various sources (including OpenStreetMap). It manages all interactions to select, draw geographic entities, display, measure geographic coordinates and manage different Earth representations using cartographic projections.

The event will happen at  BEL in Brussels (those who were at will remember the place), next monday 18 april at 19:00 until 22:00.  The event is free. You can register here.

Hope to see many of you in Brussels!

About OSGeoDevEvening:
OSGeoDevEvening is an event where developers / researchers can learn & speak about a specific tech. We are always looking for speakers for the next events, so if you want to give a presentation about R, grass, QGIS, PostGIS... please contact us.