Saturday, November 15, 2014

Why you should present/be present at FOSDEM

Last month we published a call for participation for the Geospatial devroom at FOSDEM .

But with many other conferences around one may wonder why they want to be present at geospatial@FOSDEM? Well, one of the main goals of the organisers is to bring geospatial and non-geo developers together. Are you interested in building your own GPS device or drone? Check out some of the talks in the embedded room. Are you using java, python, php, perl? All those languages have dedicated rooms where you can get an update. Interested in routing or using postgresql? Yep, there is a graph devroom and a postgresql room. Want to get your software in linux distributions? The distribution devroom. The same is true the other way around, people from those communities can come to see your talk as well.

Anyway, already a number of interesting talks has been submitted, and I just want to remind everyone of the deadline of **1 december**. So if you are interested in presenting something - go ahead and submit your proposal! Don't postpone - if you have just a title - submit that already :-)

Some practical announcements: if you are interested in the devroom, consider joining the devroom mailinglist. We will be using that mailinglist to send updates on the devroom and a social event. FOSDEM itself is free of charge and requires no registration, so no obligations here: you can just show up as well.

A last note: we want to stream the tracks and provide videos. If you intent to come and have experience with video (or would like to get some), please get in touch, we could still use volunteers.