Monday, December 21, 2015

Schedule for the Geospatial devroom @FOSDEM 2016

I have the honour to present to present to you the schedule for the geospatial devroom at FOSDEM, which will happen on Sunday 31/01/2016.

We have a nice lineup with some well known GIS tools, moving over to new developments happening at OSGeo and Open Streetmap. 3D visualisation is the topic of different presentations around noon. And should you prefer backend work, the afternoon has a lineup of no less than 4 different geospatial databases (MySQL, Rasdaman, Mongodb and Pivotal).

Event Speakers Start End


  Automating your Analysis with SAGA GIS Johan Van de Wauw 09:30 09:55
  Tempus - a framework for multimodal trip planning Hugo Mercier 10:00 10:25
Create Your Own Geoportal Web Application And Service Repository
Astrid Emde 10:30 10:55
  Building a geo-aware OS Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) 11:00 11:25
  Results of Google Summer of Code 2015 at OSGeo Margherita Di leo, Anne Ghisla 11:30 11:55
  100% open journey planning
Open source, open APIs, open data
Tuukka Hastrup 12:00 12:25
  Mapping with a phone
Why is it so hard to edit OpenStreetMap on a phone, and how MAPS.ME solves this problem
Ilya Zverev 12:30 12:55
  OSM + SRTM + WebGL = Flight Simulator Thomas Bremer 13:00 13:25
  OL3-Cesium, 3D for OpenLayers Guillaume Beraudo 13:30 13:55
  iTowns, an opensource web framework for 3D visualization Vincent Mora 14:00 14:25
  Introduction to MySQL GIS
A crash course
Norvald H. Ryeng 14:30 14:55
  Managing Spatio-Temporal Big Data through Scalable OGC Web Services Alex Dumitru 15:00 15:25
  Geospatial and Me
How to fast exploit geospatial data on apps
Norberto Leite 15:30 15:55
  Trajectory: A novel geospatial data model of Pivotal GPDB Kuien Liu 16:00 16:25
  Geocoding the World with
Geocoding on the cloud
Ervin Ruci 16:30 16:50
To close the day we can head of to the the Closing keynote of FOSDEM which will be given by Blake Girardot (HOT OSM)
Putting 8 Million People on the Map:
Revolutionizing crisis response through open mapping tools

17:00 - 17:50Janson

For all of you who don't know FOSDEM: FOSDEM is a free and non-commercial event bringing together about 5000 developers in Brussels, Belgium. The goal is to provide open source software developers and communities a place to meet and share thoughts. The participation is free of charge, although donations are welcome. The next edition will take place the last weekend ofJanuary 30 - 31 2016. This year for the second time there will be a Geospatial devroom on Sunday 31/1/2016.

Hope to see all of you in Brussels!

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