Thursday, January 22, 2015

Two days of geo-goodness at FOSDEM 31/1 - 1/2

You may already know that there is a great lineup for the geospatial devroom at FOSDEM on synday: yes, we actually have 22 presenters from a large number of different countries (even outside Europe!).

Intro geospatial devroomJohan Van de Wauw09:0009:05
Use of OSS in the Lifewatch biodiversity research projectJulien Radoux09:0509:15
QGIS Tool for Landslide Hazard AssessmentDarya Golovko09:1509:25
Opensource Desktop GIS at Regional and Local goverments in Flanders
Integrating Govermental webservices into QGIS
Kay Warrie09:2509:35
Bridging the gap between simulation and GISVincent Mora09:4010:05
GRASS GIS 7: Efficiently processing big geospatial dataMarkus Neteler10:1010:30
GRASS Development APIs
Lifting the fog on the different ways to develop for GRASS
Moritz Lennert10:3010:45
Open Standards for Big Geo DataPeter Baumann10:5011:15
Scotty, I need a data in three minutes! (Or we're all dead!!)
Just the right data at just the right time
Andrew Ross11:2011:45
Distributed tile processing with GeoTrellis and SparkRob Emanuele11:5012:15
GeoTrellis and the GeoTiff File FormatJohan Stenberg12:1512:25
Habitat - a programmable personal geospatial datatoreRichard Pope12:3012:40
spatial backend as a service !
Mathieu Leplatre12:4513:10
Taking Web GIS beyond Google Maps with the Geomajas Client and Spatial Application Server
Mapping stuff with Java, GWT and Javascript
Frank Maes13:1513:40
Mobile Map Technology
Developing Mobile Multiplatform 3d maps
Manuel de la Calle Alonso13:4514:10
Potree - Rendering Large Point Clouds in Web BrowsersMarkus Schütz14:1514:25
OpenLayers 3: A unique web-mapping libraryÉric Lemoine14:3014:55
Ol3-Cesium : 3D for OpenLayers map
An exciting library for automatically bringing 3D to your map
Guillaume Beraudo14:5515:10
Overpass API
A service to query OpenStreetMap data
Roland Olbricht15:1515:40
Tempus: a framework for multimodal trip planningHugo Mercier15:4516:10
Douglas-Peucker updated
or do you want to reduce your data
Stephane Winnepenninckx16:1516:40
PicoTCP on Mobile Ad Hoc networksBrecht Van Cauwenberghe16:4516:55
Full schedule here.
But apart from the lineup on Sunday, also Saterday actually has a number of interesting geo-related talks as well:

10:35 - 10:55 (distributions devroom)
 12:00 - 12:50 (hardware track)

14:00 - 14:25 (graph devroom)
15:00 - 15:50 (hardware track)
And I'm sure you will probably find many other interesting presentations in one of the other 550 lectures. So hope to see many of you at FOSDEM!

I noted there is another geo-related talk on Sunday, unfortunately in parallel with the program for the geospatial devroom:

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