Saturday, January 11, 2014

SAGA 2.1.1 released

Olaf posted this message two days ago on the SAGA web
Dear SAGA friends, users, and all others interested in SAGA, we like to announce the release of SAGA version 2.1.1. In this version you will find a number of minor enhancements and additions, which in their sum make it the best SAGA ever. So, don't hesitate to download it right now! This version depends now on the lately released wxWidgets v3.0. Have a look at the change log for more details. And now enjoy the world of SAGA, your SAGA Development Team Download SAGA 2.1.1 from
As you can read from the changelog: mostly bug fixes so definitely worth an update! I just want to add that I finished packaging for debian and ubuntu and the new release is now also available on my ppa and on ubuntugis unstable, and will be on the next osgeo live dvd.

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